What To Bring

Personal Items

We provide rain gear and boots to all our guests but there are a few things that you will want to bring.


Make sure you bring clothes that you can layer and remove during the day. Alaska has a mild climate but we do get a few warm days during the summer


Our rain gear does cover your head but you will want a hat to keep the sun off your head

Personal Care Items

Bring enough toiletries to cover you for the week. Tooth Paste, Sun Screen, Etc

Comfortable Shoes

Once back in the lodge you will not want to be wearing your boots. Bring along a rubber soled pair of shoes


Make sure you bring enough medicine for your stay with us.


The lodge does not supply alcoholic beverages. We do however stop at the liquor store after we pick you up at the airport.

Sun Glasses

The sun does shine in Alaska and being out in the water is tough on the eyes.

Other Items You May Want To Bring

We do our best to provide you with most everything you will need during your stay but here are a few other items you should consider bringing


You will have many opportunities to get pictures of wildlife. Remember Alaska is a wet place so please take that into consideration when deciding what type of camera you want to bring.

Cell Phone

We are remote but not uncivilized. Your cell phone may work at the lodge but roaming charges may apply

Computer / Tablet

We do have WiFI at the lodge. Please feel free to bring any device you wish.


It is very quiet at the lodge and some people enjoy reading their book after a big dinner.

Power Cords For Devices

Many guests in their excite to coming to Alaska forget their power cords. Don't forget yours

Medical Devices

If you need a cpap machine or another device please don't forget yours

Special Treats & Snacks

Some guests want to bring along special treats and snacks. All we ask is that you bring along enough for the Captain also.

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