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Prince of Wales Island

Getting to Craig, Alaska and Silver Sea Adventures is easier than you might think.  We are about 660 miles North of Seattle, WA.  You will arrive into Ketchikan, Alaska via Alaska or Delta Airlines.  Once you arrive at the Ketchikan Airport, you will check in with our preferred air carrier, Island Air Express.  From there you will board their IFR rated Cessna Caravan for a 30 minute flight to Prince of Wales Island.  We will meet you when you land and your adventure begins.

When booking your trip we will help you with your reservations from Ketchikan to Craig and advise you on the best flights in and out of Ketchikan. 


Prince Of Wales Island

Prince of Wales Island is appox 135 miles long and covers an area of 2,570 square miles. This means that Prince of Wales is a little larger than the state of Delaware.

Population of Prince Of Wales

Prince of Wales is home to about 4,300 residents with the towns of Craig and Klawock being home to close to 2,000 people.


Many of the mountains on Prince Of Wales Island reach over 3,000 ft


Hundreds of species of animails and birds call the island home. We have Black Bear, Sitka Deer, Eagles and even the Prince Of Whales flying squirrel that is found nowhere else in the world.


Most of the island is covered by the Tongess National Forest.


Logging used to be the main industry on Prince Of Wales until legislation was passed to regulate it about 20 years ago. Today there is still some logging on the island but the main industries are Tourism, Sports Fishing, Commercial Fishing, and Mining.

Roads & Transportation

Prince of Wales has approx 2500 miles of roads most of which are not paved. The island also has a small airport in Klawock and is also served by the states ferry system.

Fun Facts About Alaska

Alaska is a magical place. It captures many peoples hearts from the first moment they step off the plane. Here ares some fun and interesting facts about Alaska.

State Capitol

Juneau is the capitol of Alaska and is located 367 miles north of Craig. Don't bother trying to drive there, it is only accessible by boat or plane.

State Bird

The Alaska State Bird is a Willow Ptarmigan

Alaska State Animal

In 1998 the moose become the offical Alaska State Animal.

Alaska State Flower

The Alpine Forget Me Not become the Alaska State Flower in 1949

Biggest State In The US

Before Alaska became a state Texas held the honor of being the largest state. Alaska is now the largest state and is twice the size of Texas.

Alaska Was Purchased From Russia

In 1867 the United States Purchased Alaska from Russia for 7.2 million dollars. This comes out to 2 cents per acre.

Close Neighbors

At its closest point Russia and Alaska are only 3 miles apart.

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