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September 2016 / 4 posts found

I’ll Be Back

by Admin
The only thing we didn't like was having to leave.  Wow, Steve and his family are amazing, we were family as soon as we stepped into the van at the airport.  From the amazing meals, to the fishing, to the wildlife, to the amazing meals, to the relaxing evenings on the deck to the amazing meals ... everything was perfect.  Did I mentioned the amazing meals? Crab, Salmon, Halibut, fresh salads, delicious vegetables, and amazing deserts.  We have never eaten so well in all our lives.  But we needed the big meals to help us keep pulling in the fish. [...]

Baked Parmesan Halibut with Assperigass

by Admin
Always a hit and very easy to make and clean up

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

by Admin
If you are looking for a delicious low cal appetizer then head over to the vegetable dish and dip some celery into the low fat ranch dip because this is not low cal but it is delicious

Grandpa’s Clam Dip

by Admin
This stuff is so good its dangerous. Bring this to a party and stand back, your guests will attack it from all angles.